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PROFLOW® II-E 36-10810-925-5-E

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Proflow™ II-E cartridges are designed to provide microfiltration Semiconductor/Microelectronics with increased flow rates (air and liquid), broad chemical resistance and high performance. Proflow™ II-E ensures maximum filtration performance in the purification of aggressive liquids and organic solvents; the PTFE membrane also serves as a highly efficient hydrophobic barrier to ensure low moisture content of filtered ultrapure gases. Each Proflow™ II-E cartridge is manufactured and integrity tested in a certified cleanroom to ensure consistent performance and quality.

• Excellent liquid and air flow rates reduce batch processing time
• Broad chemical compatibility enables use in many applications
• Broad range of filter ratings gives precise particle retention
• Superior hydrophobicity prevents filters from wetting out in gas purification applications

• Etch baths
• Solvent filtration
• Magnetic media solvents
• Recirculating fluids
• Ultrapure gas for CVD
• Compressed dry air
• Wafer drying systems

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