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POLYFLOW® MEMBRANE - 24-10810-924-5

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Manufacturer: Parker Advanced Filtration

Polyflow Membrane cartridges are comprised of pleated, hydrophobic polypropylene membrane with polypropylene support layers and hardware. This total polypropylene construction provides a wide range of benefits including: broad chemical compatibility, outstanding thermal stability, and is an excellent hydrophobic barrier. Polyflow Membrane cartridges are a reliable choice for the purification of aggressive chemicals, compressed gases, and for vent applications. These cartridges have been manufactured to maximize particle loading capacity and removal efficiencies, while offering increased flow rates and lower differential pressures. Product reliability is
ensured by manufacturing to microelectronics processing quality standards.

• High flow rates reduce processing time
• Broad chemical compatibility allows use in wide range of applications
• Excellent hydrophobicity allows for use in venting / gas filtration applications
• 100% integrity tested prior to shipment to ensure quality

• Rinses/etchants/solvents/developers
• Acid etch benches
• Photoresist filtration
• Photomask chemicals
• Dilute acids and bases
• Clean compressed air and gases
• Bulk chemicals
- Drum filling
- Bottle packaging
- Tank car filling
• Photoresist residue removers

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