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Series 740B High Throughput Filter Cartridges

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Manufacturer: 3M

Series 740B High Throughput Filter Cartridge, which incorporates the patented radial pleat, puts an extraordinary amount of surface area into a single cartridge. This results in the following:
• High loading capacity for long life and lower cost filtration.
• Fewer cartridges for fewer change-outs and lower labor cost.
• Fewer seals, reduced risk of bypass resulting in high quality filtration.
• Extremely low disposal costs, less than a tenth of some cartridges.

Double O-ring seals in a variety of material options means:
• Extremely low risk of by pass for high quality fluids.
• No loose parts to assemble for easy installation, thus less labor cost.
• No springs and caps to lose; reduces the risk of by pass.
• Broad chemical compatibility for many applications.
• Convenient handle for easy manual or mechanical removal.

Pre-filters or Final Filters for:

• Acids and bases
• Amines
• Carbon beds
• Completion fluids
• Deep wells
• Desalination
• DI resins
• EDM Fluids
• Glycol
• Groundwater clean-up
• Laundry water
• Machine coolants
• Makeup water
• Organic solvents
• Photo chemicals
• Plating solutions
• RO membranes
• Storm Water
• UF membranes
• Wastewater
• Waterflood
• Workover fluids

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