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FlowTech filter bags are an ideal choice for process applications requiring high dirt load capacity, high flow rates, and low pressure drop. FlowTech bagfilters are available in a variety of styles including mild steel plated ring, stainless steel ring, polyethylene flange, polypropylene flange, nylon flange, rubber flange, drawstring, and no ring, in Industry Standard Size #1, #2, #3 & #4. FlowTech bagfilters fit housings from, and are interchangeable with bagfilters from Rosedale, American Felt & Filter, GAF, CUNO, Hayward, Eaton, Strainrite, Filterite, 3M, Parker and RP / Ronningen - Petter & others. Standard media includes polyester felt, polypropylene felt, polyester multifilament, nylon multifilament, nylon monofilament, and polypropylene monofilament. A variety of bag finishes and covers are available. Please contact us with your application.

FlowTech Bag Filters Series 100 - High Performance Liquid Bag Filters

Thousands of FlowTech filter bags are in stock.

FlowTech Bag Filters Series 500 - High Performance Liquid Filter Bags

Thousands of FlowTech filter bags are in stock.

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