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COAX™ Melt Blown Filter Series

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Manufacturer: Graver Technologies

• Cutting Oils
•CMP Slurries
•Magnetic Slurries
• Corn Syrup
•Plating Solutions
• Pre R.O.
• Coatings

The COAX Depth Filter cartridge is an integral two stage depth filter. The first stage is made of nonwoven melt blown polypropylene to trap coarser particles. The second stage inner core is composed of a bicomponent polypropylene and polyethylene fiber to provide fine particle retention. This unique design provides a true graded density that offers a marked increase in useful life and dirt capacity. In addition, the rigid nature means there is no flexing of the cartridge and greatly reducing media migration and particle unloading.

Filter Features–Benefits
•Two stage graded density melt blown depth filter
Maximizes dirt holding and useful life
•Inert pure polyolefin construction, non-shedding media
•Broad chemical compatibility
•Low extractables
•Meets USP Class VI standards – Acceptable for use in food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications
•Extensive range of lengths and configurations
•FDA listed materials of construction

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