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Aerostar Series 400 Pleated Air Filter

The Aerostar Series 400 pleated air filter utilizes a state of the art 100% synthetic media to achieve exceptionally high levels of efficiency with the lowest resistence to air flow available. The media is laminated to an expanded metal grid on the air exiting side to provide exceptional strength during installation. The media support grid prevents fluttering and maintains pleat uniformity for optimum performance. The filter pack is enclosed in a heavy-duty moisture resistant die-cut frame that will not warp, crack or distort under normal operating conditions.


The 1' and 2" depth filters handle air velocities up to 500 fpm; 4" depth filters up to 625 fpm. Aerostar Series 400 pleated air filters are designed for use in commercial buildings, hotels, industrial filtration, airports, schols, and universities, or any application desiring higher levels of air filtration to protect occupants from airborne irritants and protect cooling coils, ductwork, and other components of the HVAC system from dust and dirt.

Aerostar 3-Ply Filters - Series 15/40

Aerostar 3-Ply Panel and Link filters achieves a high level of efficiency for a wide range of particle sizes

Diamond Pleat 2" MERV 10

All the benefits of the Series 400 plus increased durability from an internal reinforced steel frame, achieving a MERV 10 without a electrostatic char...

HVAC Polyester Rolls and Pads

Bulk Media Rolls or Cut Media Pads available in a variety of media grades.

Aerostar NovaPleat 2" MERV 8

Stronger and more durable, self-supported pleat

List All Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC)

List all Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC)

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